Pannonia Cup International Tournament

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Balatonalmadi, 28th of July – 1st of August, 2010

Group A: International Open Tournament for FIDE ratings.

Group B: International Open Tournament for FIDE ratings, but competitors over 2000 ELO points can't attend, and competitors under 18 years will be rated separately.

System used: /for A and B Groups/

Swiss system chess competition with 7 rounds and without age limits

Venue:                  The air-conditioned Conference Hall of Pannonia Kulturalis Kozpont es Konyvtar

Address:                    Balatonalmadi, Varoshaz Square 6.

Main Patrons:                             Mr. Janos Keszey, the Mayor of Balatonalmadi

                                           Mr. Arpad Bakonyi Dr., the Chief Executive Officer of Nitrokemia

                                           Mr. Istvan Boka Dr., Member of the Hungarian Parliament

Organiser:                     Recreation Association of Vorosbereny

Time Limit: Group A: 90-90 minutes + 30sec after each move

 Group B: 120-120 minutes for all moves


Group A

  1st place                                                                 60.000 HUF

  2nd place                                                                 40.000 HUF

  3rd place                                                                 25.000 HUF

  4th place                                                                 15.000 HUF

  5th place                                                                 10.000 HUF

  6th place                                                                 8.000 HUF

  7th place                                                                 6.000 HUF

  8th place                                                                 5.000.HUF

Special prizes for Group A

  Best U 20 player                                                      5.000 HUF

  Best Women                                                           5.000 HUF

  Best Senior (over 55 years)                                       5.000 HUF

  Best unrated                                                           5.000 HUF

  Best from those who were born after the 1st of January, 1997


5000 Ft every month for a year, offered by Nitrokemia

Group B

  1st place                                                                  10.000 HUF

  2nd place                                                                 7.000 HUF

  3rd place                                                                  5.000 HUF

U 18 players 1-3 places will receive medals and diploma. The best U18 player will win a cup.

Final ranking:

Places are decided by number of scores won. Ties are decided by Bucholcz, by Swiss Master

5 and furthermore/additionally Progressive Bucholz, TPR, Rating. Prizes will be taxed and not shared. One player may get only one prize.


  Opening and drawing of lots:                                  Jul 28.                            15.30-16.00

  1. round                                                             Jul 28.                            from 16.00

  2. round                                                             Jul 29.                            from 09.00

  3. round                                                             Jul 29.                             from 15.00

  4. round                                                             Jul 30.                            from 09.00

  Blitz (Schnell) competition:                                         Jul 30.                            from 17.00

  5. round                                                             Jul 31.                            from 09.00

  6. round                                                             Jul 31.                            from 15.00

  7. round                                                             Aug 1.                            from 09.00

  Prize giving ceremony:                                       Aug 1.                            from 14.30

Entry fees:

  Group A

  under 2000 FIDE and for unrated                                                             40 EUR

  between 2001-2200 FIDE rating                                                              35 EUR

  between 2201-2400 FIDE rating                                                              30 EUR

GM, IM and players over 2400 FIDE rating                                               free entry

  Group B (for every player)                                                                      25 EUR

  Deadline for entries:                                                        20th of July, 2010

Entry fee includes free entry to the beach, if you send in your date of birth until the deadline for entries.

Organisers undertake the costs of playing permit in Hungary (FRD) for all foreign participants.


Private rooms with all comfort for players and for accompanying persons:14 EUR/day/person.


You can order meals for each day at Borkert Vendéglő, which is only a minute from the tournament hall                                                                                        11 EUR/person/day

Breakfast: 2 EUR           Lunch: 5 EUR                Dinner: 4 EUR

You can choose from A or B menu.

If you would like to have meals and accommodation, please notify me until the 16th of July, 2010

The organisers reserve the rights of altering the above conditions.

Arrival and registration of players at the venue: from 10.00-14.00 28th of July.

Entry fees, cost of accommodation and meals (if ordered) must be paid upon arrival

At the centre of the town you can find restaurants, the railway station, the bus terminal, the beach and interesting programs.

During the Tournament a blitz (schnell) competition will be held and people outside of the Pannonia Cup can participate too. Entry fee is 1000 HUF, from which 80% will be distributed.

You will find more information, photos and results (some of the more interesting plays included) at our web-site

Entry Address and further information

Address: Fancsy Imre: 8222. Balatonalmadi, Gabor Aron utca 15. HUNGARY